Moderator:  Calla Wiemer (

PAST Webinar: Fiscal & Environmental Sustainability in the Post-Covid-19

When:  29 October 2020, 2:00-5:00pm Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)

Organizers:  Tokai University; Yonsei University; Climate Bonds Initiative

Registration:  here

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting governments globally in severe fiscal status. From one side, the government revenues reduced as the economic downturns are shrinking the tax revenues drastically. On the other side, government expenditures increased substantially, as governments need to spend more on healthcare, protection measures, and transfer payments. Due to this background, it is vital to look for sound policies that can secure the economic growth in the Post-COVID-19 and, at the same time, reduce the budget deficit and keep fiscal sustainability. This webinar aims to gather senior-level experts from academia, governments, and the financial sector to discuss how to achieve fiscal and environmental sustainability in the Post-COVID-19. This webinar is a joint event by Tokai University (Japan), Yonsei University (Korea), and the Climate Bond Initiative.

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