Sedge 2399Cover201610The Journal of Asian Economics  was founded in 1990 by the American Committee on Asian Economic Studies as a forum for research on all aspects of the economies of Asia. The Journal serves the ACAES mission to promote economic research on Asia and facilitate engagement between American and Asian economists.

The editors invite submissions that illuminate the distinctive features of economies in Asia with respect to their institutional characteristics, their development paths, their policy experiences, or their international engagements. We look for papers that pose interesting questions and analysis that yields fresh insights.

Our geographic purview encompasses Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia.

Special issues organized around particular themes are published in virtual form on ScienceDirect. Proposals for themed issues by scholars interested in serving as guest editors may be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief.

Calla Wiemer serves as Editor-in-Chief. To view a list of editorial board members, download articles, or learn more about manuscript submission, please see the Journal's Elsevier web page.